How to splice all the items in AngularJS

I have a table and I’m using AngularJS to display it, there’s a clear button where if clicked all the rows will be deleted from the table. I am using splice to do this but when I try to splice it, only the 1st and 3rd row get splice.

How do I splice all of the rows?

self.row.length = 3;
for (var index=0; index < self.row.length; index++) {
    if (self.row[index].DDelDetailId != 0) {
    console.log("index: "+index+" Rows: "+self.row.length)
    self.row.splice(index, 1)

I already looked at all the similar questions but none of them helped me. It can splice if the self.row.length is 1 but if it is greater than 1 it leaves 1 row.

Below is what was printed in the console log:

Index: 0 Rows: 3
Index: 1 Rows: 2

I push all the deleted row to self.deletedRow then if user clicks save then the deleted rows will be deleted in the database. Each row has a delete button so user can delete all rows or delete 1 specific row.


As you’re moving the index forward while deleting rows, you’re skipping rows: iteration 1:

index = 0
arr: [0, 1, 2]
arr.splice(0, 1) => arr: [1, 2] // deletes first item

iteration 2:

index = 1
arr: [1, 2]
arr.splice(1, 1) => arr: [1] // deletes second item

iteration 3:

index = 2
arr: [1]
arr.splice(2, 1) => arr [1] // tries to delete third item

If you delete the first item all the time, you won’t skip anything:

arr.splice(0, 1)

It’s also more efficient to remove all rows: arr = [] or arr.length = 0,

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