Use constant as filter parameter in AngularJS

I’ ve a code like this

{{ aDate | bxDate : 'WhitoutTimePart' }}

I want to change the string ‘WhitoutTimePart’ as a constant so that, if one day the value change, i don’t have to go in every html file to do the modification.

Something like that :

{{ aDate | bxDate : bxdate.whitoutTimePart }}

Using an enum or a constant would be the best …

Any ideas ?



You can have a constants.js file in your project where you define this and other similar constants like this.

   app.constant('filterParam', 'WhitoutTimePart');

Then you can import the constant in your controllers and asign it to a scope variable

(function () {
    'use strict';

    .controller('MyController', ['$scope','filterParam', MyController]);

function MyController($scope, filterParam) {

    $scope.filterParam = filterParam;        


Then finally in your html

{{ aDate | bxDate : filterParam }}

Hope this was helpful to you

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