Webstorm: “Cannot Resolve Directory”

This is starting to bug me and I’d either like it turned off or fixed. So Webstorm has a sweet feature in it’s HTML parser that will attempt to resolve directories in strings that are supposed to reference a file in your project. For example:

two examples

Webstorm is correct. My front end code is all in /app but my server serves up files in app on the root, so in the web context /app is actually just /. As a side, this behavior also impacts my angular templates:

webstorm hates angular directive templateUrl

and my angular-ui routes (I imagine it would do that for regular angular routes as well).

webstorm hates angular routes templateUrl

Is there a way that I can change webstorm to treat /app as the root so this is a useful feature? If not, is there a way I can disable this? I tried going into the inspector, but couldn’t find an option for it:

webstorm inspector

And no, it’s not the XML one… I tried.

Help appreciated. Thanks…


To make file references to a non-root folder in your project, you’ll need to mark that directory as a Resource. To do this, go to Settings > Directories and select your asset root folder from the right-hand panel. Then mark it as Resource Root by clicking the button above the file browser.

From the Jetbrains documentation, a Resource Root enables WebStorm to complete relative paths to resources under the selected folder. This means that you should use Resource Root on a folder that holds all the resources you would like to refer to (e.g. styles, scripts, …).