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I thought that this was the old days when it took forever for bitcoin core to acquire the bootstrap but it looks like it’s still the case. I basically ran the program for 2 hours and I’m still under 10h. Any idea on how to fix the problem or download the blk files elsewhere ? Why can’t I find the equivalent of the bootstrap as a torrent ?


I don’t think you have a problem, but are seeing expected behavior.
Bitcoin Core is downloading and verifying about 80 GiB of data. Even with all the improvements that have been added, this will take several hours to days depending on your hardware.

Bitcoin Core is a full node. It mirrors all the information of the blockchain, and checks it first hand. By running Bitcoin Core, you become part of the users that verify and provide the network’s data for others.
You could take a shortcut and acquire an already verified set of data, but then you’d be trusting a third party that they didn’t add incorrect information to trick others in the network. However, that’s exactly the point of why you’d run a full node in the first place: When you do, you can be certain that you have a correct copy of the blockchain.

If you don’t require full node security or feel that it is too much hassle to synchronize with the network, you might find it more comfortable to run a user oriented wallet. You can find a comparison at Choose your wallet.

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