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So, I’m just starting out with bitcoin. I bought a little bit and moved it to my local wallet. Once confirmations started to arrive on that transaction, I moved a part of those bitcoins to a bitsquare wallet.

The amount was deducted ok from my first wallet, and I was able to use the amount in bitsquare for a deposit. But the status of the transmission/transaction is stuck in “sending” for two days. Since the coins i received the status has changed from “receiving” to “received” I’m thinking this one should have changed to “sent” by now. It says “seen by # peers”, but nothing about confirmations.

My question then: Is this a problem? Should the status have changed to “sent” along with confirmations? Was there some process I needed to set up before sending?

(More on what I did): I am using MultiBit. After getting my coins with a few confirmations, I clicked “Send”, wrote an wallet address from my bitsquare wallet, and clicked send. I read something about transaction fees and my wallet preferences is set to 0.1 mBTC (I wonder if this setting is ok).

Thank you in advance.


It’s not saying that it’s confirmed because it isn’t confirmed. See Why is my transaction not getting confirmed and what can I do about it?

Your fee is pretty low at 40 satoshi/byte, so according to this chart, you should be using a fee 2.5x times higher if you want your transaction to confirm within a day.

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