What does “NODE_WITNESS (12)” mean as it is shown in bitnodes.21.co?

I’m running a pruned full node of bitcoin core version 0.14.0 and checking on https://bitnodes.21.co/nodes/ I can see that my node was labelled “NODE_WITNESS (12)” unlike of the others nodes shown, which was labelled “NODE_WITNESS (13)”.


I’ve looked through several pages on bitnodes to find some more nodes that show NODE_WITNESS (12). I’ve noticed a pattern: the number corresponds to the services that a node offers. Nodes advertise the services that they offer by sending a bitmap named nServices. The number in the brackets matches the decimal representation of the service bits that a node has set.

Looking around a bit, I’ve identified the following five bits:

  • NODE_BLOOM (4)
  • NODE_XTHIN (16)

So, I’d say that with (12), you must be offering the services NODE_BLOOM, NODE_WITNESS (12), lemme guess, you run a pruning node? 🙂 Or would it be “blocksonly”?

Edit: Here are the service bits defined in the source code: protocol.h:249

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