Do any of the Bitcoin exchanges implement trading curbs? Code Answer

After the big hack of Mt Gox we all became aware that there is nothing in place to prevent “flash crashes.” Most stock, FOREX and other exchanges have features like trading curbs or other market volatility procedures to prevent such crashes – so do any of the Bitcoin exchanges have such curbs in place?

Also, if one exchange were to implement such a procedure would it still be effective if other exchanges did not? In other words, if Mt Gox implemented a trading curb and TradeHill did not, would this non-universal curb be effective? Would the effectiveness hold if the scenario were reversed? (i.e. TH has a curb and Mt Gox does not)


Mt. Gox has stated that they now use “circuit breakers” to disable trading pending manual intervention if trading appears suspicious or unreasonable. They reported a few minor incidents where the breakers did trip in the initial implementation due to unusually high, but normal and innocuous, volatility.

My recollection is that TradeHill only has breakers on the movement of Bitcoins out of the exchange. So far as I know, they have no breakers on trading — at least not that they’ve announced.

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