Does BTC-E have an API for alternate currencies? Code Answer

BTC-E appears to have an API available at but this only lists the BTC/USD pair data. They also offer pairs of BTC against alternate currencies like Ixcoin and Tenebrix. I’ve tried the obvious stuff a la but no dice.

I’ll take an API from any other multi-currency exchange as well, really I just need a way to grab price easily from code without having to scrape HTML and deal with regex.


The URL to the api’s for other currencies are:

  1. – BTC/USD
  2. – IXC/BTC
  3. – I0C/BTC
  4. – SC/BTC
  5. – SC/USD
  6. – GG/BTC
  7. – TBX/BTC
  8. – FBX/BTC
  9. – LTC/BTC
  10. – RUC/BTC
  11. – RUC/USD
  12. – NMC/BTC
  13. – LTC/USD
  14. – CLC/BTC
  15. – DVC/BTC

In the links below change the 1 to a number anywhere between 1-16 to match the category above.

Api for trades:

Api for depth:

Api for ticker:

By: dodoking

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