How can I best implement Bitcoin in my business? Code Answer

  • Is there any good tutorial, discussion or implementation of bitcoind for business?
  • What’s the best Bitcoin.conf?
  • How to expose the Bitcoind API to the internet?
  • How to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability?

Basically I’m looking for advices on how not to turn my small online shop into the new 🙂


Just some quick tips to get you started:

  • run with ‘noirc=1’ so that your node IP isn’t discoverable via IRC
  • run with several ‘connect=’ so your node only connects to other specific nodes that you trust
  • do not expose the json api to the internet at large, confine it to localhost or specific ip only.
  • if you plan to hold a significant amount of bitcoins, then estimate how many you’ll need for your daily float, and save the rest in an offline wallet (also generated on an offline computer – don’t leave traces of your keys on any internet-connected disk)
  • do not accept 0-confirmation transactions, other than for really trivial amounts where speed of delivery is of the essence.
  • do use new bitcoin addresses for every new customer and order. address reuse makes it easier to track your customers.

There are probably a more items that could be added to the list, this is certainly not to be treated as comprehensive.

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