Changing a global structure in a function in C Code Answer

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I defined a structure as follows:

typedef struct myStruct{
    char *val1;
    char *val2;
    struct myStruct *prev;
    struct myStruct *next;
} myStruct;

I also wrote a function to add a node to this structure:

void add_to_struct(struct myStruct *strct, char *val1,
                    char *val2){

    // create the node for new element
    struct myStruct *my_new = malloc(sizeof(struct myStruct));
    my_new->val1 = val1;
    my_new->val2 = val2;
    my_new->next = strct;
    my_new->prev = NULL;   

    strct->prev = my_new;

Adding a node to the struct using this function doesn’t seem to work though. I guess the problem is that I do not pass my structure (which I defined as a global variable) by reference correctly, but I don’t know why. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

EDIT How I call it:

void main(){
    struct myStruct *headPrev = Malloc(sizeof(struct myStruct *));
    struct myStruct *headNext = Malloc(sizeof(struct myStruct *));
    char *headval1 = Malloc(sizeof(char) * MAXLEN);
    char *headval2 = Malloc(sizeof(char) * MAXLEN);

my_struct = Malloc(sizeof(struct myStruct)); 
    my_struct->prev = headPrev;
    my_struct->next = headNext;
    my_struct->val1 = headval1;
    my_struct->val2 = headval2;

    newVal1 = "abcd";
    newVal2 = "bl";


looks pretty close, just a few minor issues —

my_new should be allocated to be sizeof(struct myStruct)), not cacheElement, no?

also, this looks like a linked list, but you need to return my_new so you can use it as the new head of list.

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