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I have a C project where all code is organized in *.c/*.h file pairs, and I need to define a constant value in one file, which will be however also be used in other files. How should I declare and define this value?

Should it be as static const ... in the *.h file? As extern const ... in the *.h file and defined in the *.c file? In what way does it matter if the value is not a primitive datatype (int, double, etc), but a char * or a struct? (Though in my case it is a double.)

Defining stuff inside *.h files doesn’t seem like a good idea generally; one should declare things in the *.h file, but define them in the *.c file. However, the extern const ... approach seems inefficient, as the compiler wouldn’t be able to inline the value, it instead having to be accessed via its address all the time.

I guess the essence of this question is: Should one define static const ... values in *.h files in C, in order to use them in more that one place?


The rule I follow is to only declare things in H files and define them in C files. You can declare and define in a single C file, assuming it will only be used in that file.

By declaration, I mean notify the compiler of its existence but don’t allocate space for it. This includes #define, typedef, extern int x, and so on.

Definitions assign values to declarations and allocate space for them, such as int x and const int x. This includes function definitions; including these in header files frequently lead to wasted code space.

I’ve seen too many junior programmers get confused when they put const int x = 7; in a header file and then wonder why they get a link error for x being defined more than once. I think at a bare minimum, you would need static const int x so as to avoid this problem.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the speed of the code. The main issue with computers (in terms of speed and cost) long ago shifted from execution speed to ease of development.

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