Which 4.x version of gcc should one use?

The product-group I work for is currently using gcc 3.4.6 (we know it is ancient) for a large low-level c-code base, and want to upgrade to a later version. We have seen performance benefits testing different versions of gcc 4.x on all hardware platforms we tested it on. We are however very scared of c-compiler bugs (for a good reason historically), and wonder if anyone has insight to which version we should upgrade to.

Are people using 4.3.2 for large code-bases and feel that it works fine?


The best quality control for gcc is the linux kernel. GCC is the compiler of choice for basically all major open source C/C++ programs. A released GCC, especially one like 4.3.X, which is in major linux distros, should be pretty good.

GCC 4.3 also has better support for optimizations on newer cpus.

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