core app deployed on iis meets 500 internal server error

🙁 Oops. 500 Internal Server Error An error occurred while starting the application.

This message came out when I added database functionality to my core app and deployed it to iis. When I developed it in Visual Studio, everything went well. But after deploying, this error messages appeared.

I tried to use dotnet myapp.dll to run my app in the deploy folder, and found out it worked well. It is likely that the problem is relation to iis. I tried to add <compilation debug="true">..</compilation> to web.config, but it seems useless. What is problem are actually, or is there any other way to see the detailed error info to help find out what’s happened?


  1. Change stdoutLogEnabled=”false” to true and then check the logs at stdoutLogFile=”.logsstdout”. The error(s) there might tell you something.

  2. Check that you set up right Environment Name using ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable as so use correct settings like connection string. On your machine by default you have “Development” environment.

  3. You may use Error Handling middlewares for showing exceptions like