ASP.NET Core + ApplicationInsights Logging Errors as Trace

I am using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore (

I’ve enabled application insights by adding .UseApplicationInsights() in Programs.cs and in my startup class:


This all works fine, I am able to see requests in app insights but when I try to log an error (for example in my controller):

        _logger.LogError("My Error Log");
        _logger.LogError("Test", new Exception("Test"));

Both are logged as trace events and not exceptions in app insights.

How do I make it so it logs as an exception?


If you want to log the error as Exception in app insights, this line of code _logger.LogError("Test", new Exception("Test")); should be changed.

Change it to _logger.LogError(new Exception(), "test");, which means the new Exception() should be the first paramter.

And you can add application insights SDK by right click your project -> add -> Application Insights Telemetry, which is very useful doing some thing automatically(ie. adding .UseApplicationInsights() in Programs.cs): enter image description here

I also post my test steps:

1.Adding application insights SDK as mentioned above

2.Add loggerFactory.AddApplicationInsights(app.ApplicationServices,LogLevel.Information); in Startup.cs -> Configure() method, code as below:

            public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env,ILoggerFactory loggerFactory)
                if (env.IsDevelopment())



                //Add this line of code

3.Then in somewhere you wanna log error:

        public class AboutModel : PageModel
            private ILogger _logger;

            public AboutModel(ILogger<AboutModel> logger)
                _logger = logger;

            public string Message { get; set; }

            public void OnGet()
                _logger.LogInformation("it is just a test herexxxx");

               //Only this format can log as exception
                _logger.LogError(new Exception(), "it is a new Exceptionxxxx");

               //it will log as trace
                _logger.LogError("error logs xxx");
                Message = "Your application description page.";

4.Test result as below: enter image description here

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