can I sort a list based on another list in C# [closed]

say I have a list (List_1) of ints: {3, 1, 2}

then I sort that list to be: {1, 2, 3}

can i sort another list of strings (List_2): {“eg1”, “eg2”, “eg3”}

can i sort List_2 based on the sorting of List_1, for example: list_1 goes from {3, 1, 2} to {1, 2, 3} then list_2 goes from {“eg1”, “eg2”, “eg3”} to {“eg2”, “eg3”, “eg1”}

is this possible in c#?


Create a class that contains both items, and then sort that list:

class Item
    public int Id {get;set}
    public string Text {get;set;}

var unsorted = new List<Item>
    new Item{Id = 3, Text = "eg3"},
    new Item{Id = 1, Text = "eg1"},
    new Item{Id = 2, Text = "eg2"},

var sorted = unsorted.OrderBy(x=>x.Id);

Further examples of OrderBy here:

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