Find the path in dll

I have a dll file as a resource in my project. Now I would like to access the directory folder in the dll. E.g. Image dll (In Image.dll -> ImagePresetFolder)

I would like to Directory.Getdirectories() folder path in the Image.dll

How could I can achieve this in c#???


At last, my friend provide me the answer, you have to load the dll first before get the directory path with code

private string[] GetAllResourcePath()
    Assembly assembly = Assembly.Load("ImageDLL");
    string resName = "ImageDLL.g.resources";
        using (var stream = assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(resName))
            using(var reader = new ResourceReader(stream))
                return reader.Cast<DictionaryEntry>().Select(x => (string)x.Key).ToArray();

From this func, it will return all the resource directory path, and you can just filter out by using .Where() linq to get the directory you want.

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