how to set value in abstract class c#

I’m trying assign value AbstractArAdjustmentLine list property but getting error “Object reference not set” Below 2 class are generated through dll, I can’t change the class structure.

public class ArAdjustmentCreate : AbstractArAdjustment
    public ArAdjustmentCreate(string controlId = null);

    public override void WriteXml(ref IaXmlWriter xml);

public abstract class AbstractArAdjustment: AbstractFunction
        public List<AbstractArAdjustmentLine> Lines;
        public DateTime? GlPostingDate;
        public DateTime TransactionDate;
        public string CustomerId;

public abstract class AbstractArAdjustmentLine : IXmlObject
        public string WarehouseId;
        public string EmployeeId;
        protected AbstractArAdjustmentLine();     

// Creating instance of ArAdjustmentCreate

ArAdjustmentCreate arAdjustmentCreate = new ArAdjustmentCreate()
                CustomerId = "23",
                TransactionDate = DateTime.Now,
                GlPostingDate = DateTime.Now,                    
            AbstractArAdjustmentLine arAdjustmentLine=null;                            
            arAdjustmentLine.WarehouseId = "788"; // getting error Object refference not set
            arAdjustmentLine.EmployeeId = "100";            

how to set value in AbstractArAdjustmentLine abstract class?


You set AbstractArAdjustmentLine arAdjustmentLine = null;, probably because you realized you can’t instantiate an abstract class, but you need an instance to set the properties. The only practical way you can use an abstract class is by inheriting in a subtype:

abstract class A { }
class B : A { }

// Works:
A a = new B();

// Works:
B b = new B();

// Does not work:
A c = new A();

See null keyword and abstract in the docs, and What is a NullReferenceException, and how do I fix it? from this site.

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