HttpClient doesn’t report exception returned from web API

I’m using HttpClient to call my MVC 4 web api. In my Web API call, it returns a domain object. If anything goes wrong, a HttpResponseException will be thrown at the server, with a customized message.

  public Person Person(string loginName)
        Person person = _profileRepository.GetPersonByEmail(loginName);
        if (person == null)
            throw new HttpResponseException(
                "Person not found by this id: " + id.ToString()));

        return person;

I can see the customized error message in the response body using IE F12. However when I call it using HttpClient, I don’t get the customized error message, only the http code. The “ReasonPhrase” is always “Not found” for 404, or “Internal Server Error” for 500 codes.

Any ideas? How do I send back the custom error message from the Web API, while keep the normal return type to be my domain object?


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Yes I saw it but HttpResponseMessage doesn’t have a body property. I figured it out myself: response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;. The sample code:

public T GetService<T>( string requestUri)
    HttpResponseMessage response =  _client.GetAsync(requestUri).Result;
    if( response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
        return response.Content.ReadAsAsync<T>().Result;
        string msg = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;
            throw new Exception(msg);

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