Link textbox to property

I can’t link my textbox to my property in C#. I have to when I write and press a button send a request, but the problem is that when my textbox is empty I can’t give it the value entered by the user.

In my view-model

class ViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
    private string textePartieA;
    public string TextePartieA
        get { return textePartieA; }
            textePartieA = value;
            if (!(textePartieA is null))
                TextToSpeech(apikeyTextToSpeech, urlTextToSpeech);

In my view:

<TextBox x:Name="TextePartieA" Margin="5" MinHeight="85" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" 
         Text="{Binding TextePartieA, Mode=TwoWay}"></TextBox>


You should bind viewModel to your DataContext too:

public class MyWindow : Window {

    public MyWindow() {

var viewModel = new ViewModel();
    DataContext = viewModel;


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