Omu.ValueInjecter: can I map values to an existing object?

I’ve been using Omu.ValueInjecter for a while now but only to ‘inject’ values into a newly created object.

    public K MapNew(T source) {

        K target = new K();


        return target;

The code above works well, mapping values from the source to the newly created target.

However, what I’m trying (and failing to do) is to map values from a source object to an existing target. The code below is similar to the one above with the difference being that I’m not creating a new object.

    public T MapToTarget(T target, K source) {
        return target.InjectFrom(source) as T;

Is this possible? The code above merely returns the target with its properties un-modified.


Note, in both cases both source and target objects have the same property names.


Thanks to Omu for all the help, much appreciated.


the InjectFrom() method matches the properties with same name and type, so if there are properties that match they will be modified

with valueinjecter you only inject into existing objects

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