Unable to get all the templates from MailJet

We have 10+ email templates uploaded in MailJet. On trying to get all the templates – I get only 10. I tried adding –

request.Property(Template.Limit, 1000) in my C# code; still I get only 10.

public async Task<MailjetResponse> GetAllEmailTemplateDetails()
   MailjetRequest request = new MailjetRequest();
   request.Resource = Template.Resource;
   request.Property(Template.Limit, 1000);
   MailjetResponse templatesMetadata = await MailJetServiceClient.GetAsync(request);
   return templatesMetadata;

Should I add any other property to get all the templates?


I fixed it by request.Filter(Template.Limit, 1000), I tried to add it as a property which failed