WPF TextBlock highlight certain parts based on search condition

I have TextBlock that has Inlines dynamicly added to it (basically bunch of Run objects that are either italic or bold).

In my application I have search function.

I want to be able to highlight TextBlock’s text that is in being searched for.

By highlighting I mean changing certain parts of TextBlock text’s color (keeping in mind that it may highlight several different Run objects at a time).

I have tried this example http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/tamir/archive/2008/05/12/search-and-highlight-any-text-on-wpf-rendered-page.aspx

But it seams very unstable 🙁

Is there easy way to solve this problem?


This question is similar to How to display search results in a WPF items control with highlighted query terms

In answer to that question, I came up with an approach that uses an IValueConverter. The converter takes a text snippet, formats it into valid XAML markup, and uses a XamlReader to instantiate the markup into framework objects.

The full explanation is rather long, so I’ve posted it to my blog: Highlighting Query Terms in a WPF TextBlock

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