C++ multiindex column csv load

Multi-index column csv is enter image description here

  1. Its size is (8, 8415).
  2. This csv file was made from pandas multi-index dataframe (python).
  3. Its columns are [codes X financial items].

codes are enter image description here

financial items are enter image description here

How can I use this csv file to use its year(2014, 2015, ….) as index and codesXfinancial items as multi columns?


What kind of output you want is unclear. There are not many libraries to imitate pandas in C++. A very messy, convoluted and inelegant way of doing it is declaring a structure and then put it into a list. Something like,

struct dataframe{
    double data;
    int year;
    int code;
    char item[];   //or you can use "string item;"

Make a list of this structure either by a custom class or C++ native “list” class. If you can provide a more detailed explanation of what kind of data structure you want in the program or what do you want to do with it, I would try to provide a better solution.