How to include and use turbo vision library in Turbo C++ 3

I would like to ask this question to those people who have an experience in coding using Turbo C++ 3.0.

I’m trying to make a text user interface console application with it and I see that Turbo C++ 3 has an option to link turbo vision in your program.

Using this: Options -> Linker -> Libraries -> Check Turbo Vision.

Know my question is that how could I start using it in my program?
I tried to include but to no avail, or to not include the header also.

Note: If you know of other way to develop C++/C console apps with text user interface, then please feel free to answer to.


Edit: Please do not comment to not to use Turbo C++ because it’s old. I’m just trying to create a console app with text user interface for our project. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Turbo Vision is out dated and no more maintained. However, if have you
stronger reasons to use a completely ‘The DOOM’ game era TUI tool kit,
they go ahead else i would suggest using ncurses it is a portable
TUI toolkit, enter image description here

As note, Turbo Vision library has potentially unsafe pointers. It is not a safe
library to use in this era
, and it is a DOS ‘only’ thing, those there are ports to
POSIX based environment , i still doubt its safety.