How to initialize a const char [] with a string literal

I would like to do the following:

const char errorMsg [64] ( useApple ? "Error Msg Applen" : "Error Msg Been" );
MyMethod ( errorMsg );

For a method with signature:

MyMethod(const char* errorMessageInput );

I have a method which takes a const char* and I would like to create a local variable before I send it in. I cannot allocate dynamic memory but I can use a larger array than necessary (in this case I made it 64). How would I get this code to compile?


Instead of an array you could declare a pointer like

const char *errorMsg = useApple ? "Error Msg Applen" : "Error Msg Been";

In fact there is no need to declare a constant array if the method parameter has the type const char *.

You may write for example

#include <cstring>


char errorMsg [64];

strcpy( errorMsg, useApple ? "Error Msg Applen" : "Error Msg Been" );

and then use the array as an argument of the method.