Is passing of a function pointer through a class type in non-type template parameter allowed in C++20?

Recently, after playing around with the C++20 feature of being able to pass class types in non-type template parameters (P0732R2), I’ve encountered something rather strange.

Consider the following code:

template <typename T>
struct abc {
    T p;
    consteval abc(T p) : p(p) { }
    consteval operator decltype(p)() const {
        return p;

template <abc obj>
consteval auto do_something1() {
    return obj();

template <auto obj>
consteval auto do_something2() {
    return obj();

constexpr auto fun() {
    return true;

int main() {
    static_assert(do_something1<&fun>()); // OK in Clang, fails in GCC
    static_assert(do_something2<&fun>()); // OK in both GCC and Clang

This appears to work as intended with clang however GCC fails to compile this and gives an error saying that fun is not a valid template argument.

However, this answer says that function pointers should be valid template arguments as per the C++ standard.

Which compiler is correct here?

Also, weirdly enough, the same code appears to work on both compilers when modified to work with member functions for some reason.

Note: Something that might be useful to note is that according to this page, GCC’s support for P0732R2 is complete while Clang’s is still in a partial/experimental stage. So, does this mean that GCC is correct and passing of function pointers through class types in non-type template parameters shouldn’t be possible, or am I missing something here?


Which compiler is correct here?

Clang is correct, the code as written is valid.

GCC not handling that specific case is a known issue.