“Merge” PODs into one

Is there a way to compose (or merge, aggregate) PODs between them ? One intuitive solution:

struct Base1 { int i; };
struct Base2 { char c; };

struct Derived : Base1, Base2 {};

// in a more generalized way
// template <class... Ts> struct Aggregate : Ts... {};

Except, we lose something:

int main()
    Derived d {42, 'c'}; // OK
    auto [i, c] = d; // Error
    static_assert(std::is_standard_layout_v<Derived>); // Error

I see we could end up with some ambiguousities, conflicts, between the merged base classes. But it would be pretty nice to merge PODs into one. The result I try to achieve:

struct Expected { int i; char c; }; // I want Derived to behave exactly like this

Am I in the realm of reflection? Should I end up using macros?


If we

don’t care if the derived struct is a POD or not

, the task is pretty simple with Boost.PFR – just convert your PODs to tuples and concatenate them:

template<typename... Ts> using Merge = decltype(std::tuple_cat(

A simple test:

int main() {
    struct Base1 { int i, j; };
    struct Base2 { char c; };
    using Expected = Merge<Base1, Base2>;
    static_assert(std::is_same_v<Expected, std::tuple<int, int, char>>);
    Expected expected{42, 1337, 'c'};
    auto&& [i, j, c] = expected;