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I’m trying to make a live plotting graph class in qt and the scrolling works. But when watching my program in Task Manager I recognized that the CPU and RAM usage increases by time (and data).

So I thought it would be a good style to use the remove function to delete data which is not shown anyway. Here’s my code:

void Live_Chart::UpdateY(float yValue)
this->yValue = yValue;
m_series->append(xValue, yValue);

if (xValue > m_axisX->max())
    // "Scroll" the data in the view

    // Remove the previous data we don't see
    qDebug() << "Removing " << m_axisX->min();

This method is called every 100 ms with a random number in between 0 and 10.

But always when reaching removing=52 the program crashes with this error msg:

ASSERT failure in QVector<T>::remove: "index out of range", file c:usersqtworkqtqtbaseincludeqtcore../../src/corelib/tools/qvector.h, line 483

And I really have no clue why 52. This number isn’t specified in any part of my program. The range of the x-axis is 50. On the create of the QLineSeries I am adding the point (0, 0).

EDIT: When using a m_axisX range of (0, 20) the program crashes when trying to delete point 22.

–> The program crashes when deleting a point whith x = x-range + 2 (Tested with other numbers too).


You are confusing the index of the data points in the vector m_series and their x value. When the data point with x = old_x_min goes out of the window you want to display, then that data point is at index 0 not at index old_x_min.





to remove the oldest data point, instead of some data point in the middle of the series.

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