Qt Creator Android error “Platform SDK installed”

I am developing Qt Cross platform application for Android, recently i have updated Qt creator and Installed new Qt version. I am using 'Qt Creator version 4.5.0'. I have updated to 'QT version 5.10'. This Set up is done on Ubuntu 16.04.

Followed link Getting Started with QT Installation.

I am always getting Error message “Android Settings have error” in Qt Creator->Tools->Options->Devices->Android.

QT Android Installation Issue

Because of above issue i am not able to build application for Android.

I have recently updated my Android sdk, I am able to build and run Sample application from Android Studio, indicating that SDK instalation is working properly. I am using Android SDK tools 26.1.1. Please check bellow screen shots.

Android Studio SDK manager

Android SDK build tools Installed.
enter image description here

Android SDk platforms installed
enter image description here

Already gone through different links on Stack Overflow and QT forum, All are Suggesting downgrade of Android SDK tools(Due to QT Known bug), but none of the solution is working for me. I know there are few known bugs building Android application with QT 5.9 and Qt Creator version 4.0. I guess It is resolved, as same set up is working fine on Windows 10.

QT Creator wont list any available Android Build SDKs
QT Android Installation error

Please help if anybody here resolved same issue.


After lot of effort I am able to fix this issue, thanks to Mohammad Kanan, Vesafary who’s answer made me get closer to Answer, Actual issue resolved with the following steps. It may be helpful who are facing the same issue In Ubuntu or may work on other platforms as well.

  1. First Step is (as most of the answers suggest) changed from JDK 9 to JDK 8. I am using Java version “1.8.0_152”.
  2. Step 1 didn’t help me (Qt creator Persist some Settings), so i removed complete Qt 5.8,5.9,5.10 installation (Using Qt Maintainace tool) and following 2 links
    Uninstall Qt Completely, Uninstall Qt Creator.

and did Instalation again. May be your problem get resolved at this step.

  1. Step 2 also didn’t help in my case, QT Creator still persist few settings and need to reset Qt creator settings. That can be done by deleting data in this folder

    ~/.config/QtProject ~/.config/Qt file ~/.config/QtProject.conf

path may be different in different System and OS. following links will be helpful in this case.

Creator FAQ

Stack Overflow Qt Settings 1

Stack Overflow Qt Settings 2

Now i am able to build and run android application.