Write in a program inside a if statement (C++)

Hi I am trying to make Height Energy Calculator but after the if statement It is just close the program.

This is the Code:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

int main()
    bool Ph = true;
    std::cout << "Height True Or False: n";
    std::cin >> Ph;
    double M = 0;
    double G = 0;
    double H = 0;
    if (Ph == true)
        std::cout << "Mass:n";
        std::cin >> M;
        std::cout << "Gravity:n";
        std::cin >> G;
        std::cout << "Height:n";
        std::cin >> H;


double PhyH(double M, double G, double H)
    return (M * G) * H;

Thanks for the helpers.


You have to call your function if you want to use it (inside your main, after the if statement). You are only defining it.

std::cout << PhyH(M, G, H);

Also you have to at least declare it before your main (same way you defined it but without the body)

For problems like this there really is a lot of places to read up on them; you might wanna check this out or you’re gonna have a lot of questions.


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