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I’m having a hard time trying to make a trigger. i can find a lot of examples that show how to make triggers, but nothing that helps with my specific issue. I need to make a trigger in my exam project and I want it to take the entered email and make it lowercase. Should be quite simple – but i’m not able to do it. So now i’m asking for help.

This is what i got from the sql program, and it should be easy to just insert the right values.

/*[DEFINER = { user | CURRENT_USER }]*/
TRIGGER `awesomegame`.`lowercase` AFTER INSERT
ON `awesomegame`.`users`

What do i do?


Use BEFORE INSERT instead of AFTER INSERT, and use the new keyword to access and modify the sEmail field.

CREATE TRIGGER `awesomegame`.`lowercase` BEFORE INSERT ON `awesomegame`.`users` FOR EACH ROW
SET NEW.sEmail = LOWER(NEW.sEmail);

You can (should ?) do the same thing for BEFORE UPDATE.

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