Doctrine – How to print out the real sql, not just the prepared statement?

We’re using Doctrine, a PHP ORM. I am creating a query like this:

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()->select('id')->from('MyTable');

and then in the function I’m adding in various where clauses and things as appropriate, like this

$q->where('normalisedname = ? OR name = ?', array($string, $originalString));

Later on, before execute()-ing that query object, I want to print out the raw SQL in order to examine it, and do this:


However that only prints out the prepared statement, not the full query. I want to see what it is sending to the MySQL, but instead it is printing out a prepared statement, including ?‘s. Is there some way to see the ‘full’ query?


Doctrine is not sending a “real SQL query” to the database server : it is actually using prepared statements, which means :

  • Sending the statement, for it to be prepared (this is what is returned by $query->getSql())
  • And, then, sending the parameters (returned by $query->getParameters())
  • and executing the prepared statements

This means there is never a “real” SQL query on the PHP side — so, Doctrine cannot display it.