Error: select command denied to user ‘‘@’‘ for table ‘

In my website, I am using MySQL database. I am using a webservice where in I do all my database related manipulations.

Now In one of the methods of that webservice, I get the following Error.

select command denied to user ‘<userid>’@'<ip-address>’ for table ‘<table-name>’

What could be wrong?

Below is the code where I get that error. I tried debugging and found that it fails at the line

MySqlDataReader result1 = command1.ExecuteReader();

Here is my code:

        String addSQL = "Select Max(`TradeID`) from `jsontest`.`tbl_Positions";
        MySqlConnection objMyCon = new MySqlConnection(strProvider);
        MySqlCommand command = objMyCon.CreateCommand();

        command.CommandText = addSQL;
         MySqlDataReader result = command.ExecuteReader();
        //int j = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
         while (result.Read())
             MaxTradeID = Convert.ToInt32(result[0]);
        for (i = 1; i <= MaxTradeID; i++)
            String newSQL = "Select `Strike`,`LongShort`,`Current`,`TPLevel`,`SLLevel` from `json`.`tbl_Position` where `TradeID` = '" + i + "'";
            MySqlConnection objMyCon1 = new MySqlConnection(strProvider);
            MySqlCommand command1 = objMyCon1.CreateCommand();

            command1.CommandText = newSQL;
            MySqlDataReader result1 = command1.ExecuteReader();


database user does not have the permission to do select query.

you can grant the permission to the user if you have root access to mysql

Your second query is on different database on different table.

 String newSQL = "Select `Strike`,`LongShort`,`Current`,`TPLevel`,`SLLevel` from `json`.`tbl_Position` where `TradeID` = '" + i + "'";

And the user you are connecting with does not have permission to access data from this database or this particular table.

Have you consider this thing?

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