Finding ids that have not yet been assigned in another table

I have a one-to-one relation between my webscrapers and a list of proxies. Now I’d like to know what proxies are still available to be assigned to a webscraper.


enter image description here


enter image description here

I basically need the ids of proxies that have not yet been assigned to a bots row. I’ve been quite rusty with my SQL but I was thinking this would just be a simple join but performing the following join just resulted me into all rows being spat back at me;`

SELECT DISTINCT proxies.* FROM proxies JOIN bots ON bots.proxy_id <>;


An alternative to subqueries is an outer join, and then search for cases where there is no match, i.e the outer join produced NULL in the matching table.

FROM proxies AS p
LEFT OUTER JOIN bot AS b ON b.proxy_id =
WHERE b.proxy_id IS NULL;

You can try both this solution and the subquery solution given by @GordonLinoff on this thread, and see which one performs better against your data.

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