How to find the second occurance of the amount 300 in the table [closed]

This is the table structure:

ID  Name        Amount  
1   AAA         500
2   BBB         100
3   CCC         300
4   DDD         300
5   EEE         200
6   FFF         300
7   GGG         500

How can I fetch 4th row based upon a condition of amount column?


If you need a specific answer only for the above table try:

 select * from *your_table_name* where amount = 300 ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 1,1

Helpful Link about the Limit and Offset

EDIT Explanation:

  1. I use amount equal to 300 to keep only the rows that have this Amount

  2. I have order the table ascending by id to use limit and offset. With Limit 1 returned only one row and with offset 1 is skipping the first row.