how to upload image using flutter and php in the MySQL

I wanna ask how can I post an image file to the MySQL using post method? Since what I did is only upload the file pathway and not the image.

my post request:

Future addProduct() async{

var url = '';, body: {
  "productname": controllerName.text,
  "productprice": controllerPrice.text,
  "producttype": controllerType.text,
  "product_owner": globals.userId,
  "image": _image.path,
  //"image": _image.path.split('/').last,

my PHP code:


  include 'conn.php';

  $product_owner = $_POST['product_owner'];
  $productname = $_POST['productname'];
  $productprice = $_POST['productprice'];
  $producttype = $_POST['producttype'];
  $image = $_POST['image'];

  //$realImage = base64_decode($image);

  $connect->query("INSERT INTO product (product_name, product_price, product_type, product_owner, image) VALUES 


my MySQL table

enter image description here


This is the solution that I use to upload the image to the database. Basically, I am using the image path to save into MySQL. Then the image itself I save it in the htdoc folder and it works.

Flutter code: (important library need to be imported first)

import "package:async/async.dart";

import 'package:path/path.dart';

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

Future addProduct(File imageFile) async{
// ignore: deprecated_member_use
var stream= new http.ByteStream(DelegatingStream.typed(imageFile.openRead()));
var length= await imageFile.length();
var uri = Uri.parse("");

var request = new http.MultipartRequest("POST", uri);

var multipartFile = new http.MultipartFile("image", stream, length, filename: basename(imageFile.path));

request.fields['productname'] = controllerName.text;
request.fields['productprice'] = controllerPrice.text;
request.fields['producttype'] = controllerType.text;
request.fields['product_owner'] = globals.restaurantId;

var respond = await request.send();
  print("Image Uploaded");
  print("Upload Failed");

PHP code:


  include 'conn.php';

  $image = $_FILES['image']['name'];
  $product_owner = $_POST['product_owner'];
  $productname = $_POST['productname'];
  $productprice = $_POST['productprice'];
  $producttype = $_POST['producttype'];

  $imagePath = "uploads/".$image;

  $connect->query("INSERT INTO product (product_name, product_price, product_type, product_owner, image) VALUES ('".$productname."','".$productprice."','".$producttype."','".$product_owner."','".$image."')");
//$connect->query("INSERT INTO product (product_name,image) VALUES ('".$productname."','".$image."')");


Result in MySQL:

enter image description here

Result in htdoc folder:

enter image description here

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