Join foreign key on the same table and show parent and child

I have a foreign key which points on the primary key of the same table (child – parent).

I am trying to write a query that will bring the results in the form as shown below:

Parent 1 
Parent 1 > Child 1
Parent 1 > Child 2
Parent 2 
Parent 2 > Child 2 
Parent 3 
Parent 4

I thought of left joining the table, even though I am very close for it, I haven’t been able to do it. Let me know what I am doing wrong or if there is an easier solution on this.

    a.Name ParentName,
    b.Name ChildName,
        WHEN b.ParentOrganizationTypeID IS NULL THEN a.Name
        ELSE CONCAT_WS('>', a.Name, b.Name)
    END AS res
    tblOrganizationTypes a
        left JOIN
    tblOrganizationTypes b ON b.ParentOrganizationTypeID = a.OrganizationTypeID
WHERE a.DateDeleted is null
GROUP BY b.OrganizationTypeID
ORDER BY a.OrganizationTypeID , b.ParentOrganizationTypeID

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I suggest you split the two cases:

-- roots
select a.OrganizationTypeID
    , a.ParentOrganizationTypeID
    , a.Name
    , a.Name as childname
    , a.Name as res
from tblOrganizationTypes a
where a.ParentOrganizationTypeID is null
  and a.DateDeleted is null 
union all
-- children of roots
    a.Name ParentName,
    b.Name ChildName,
    CONCAT_WS('>', a.Name, b.Name) AS res
FROM tblOrganizationTypes a
JOIN tblOrganizationTypes b 
    ON b.ParentOrganizationTypeID = a.OrganizationTypeID 
where a.DateDeleted is null 
ORDER BY OrganizationTypeID, ParentOrganizationTypeID;

You can easily transform it into a recursive CTE if you want deeper nesting

I modified your Fiddle