Laravel inserting new record

I have a problem with inserting new record to data

There is a part of videocontroller:

  $galleryName = Input::get('name');
  $galleryID = Foto::create($galleryName);

here model:

class Foto extends Eloquent {

    public static function create($name)
        return DB::table('galleries')->insert_get_id(array('name' => $name));

Declaration of Foto::create() should be compatible with

IlluminateDatabaseEloquentModel::create(array $attributes)

What I should fix?


Eloquent’s create method takes an array. You cannot change that.

If you need this functionality, create a different method:

public static function createFromName($name)
    return DB::table('galleries')->insertGetId(compact('name'));

Then use that in your controller:

$galleryName = Input::get('name');

$galleryID = Foto::createFromName($galleryName);

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