multiple query execution or one query and nextRowset() to SELECT?

in what is efficient to execute multiple queries:

this with nextRowset() function to move over the queries

$stmt = $db->query("SELECT 1; SELECT 2;");
$info1 = $stmt->fetchAll();
$info2 = $stmt->fetchAll();

or multiple executions plan which is a lot easier to manage?

$info1 = $db->query("SELECT 1;")->fetchAll();
$info2 = $db->query("SELECT 2;")->fetchAll();


Performance of the code is likely to be similar.

The code at the bottom, to me, is more efficient for your software design because:

  • it is more readable
  • it can be changed with less chance of error since each of them addresses 1 query only
  • individual query and its interaction can be moved to a different function easily and can be tested individually

That’s why I feel that overall efficiency (not just how fast data comes back from DB to PHP to the user, but also maintainability/refactoring of code) will be better with the code at the bottom.