mysql add foreign key constraint referencing a view

Can I add a foreign key constraint in MYSQL when the referenced table is actually a view?

Based on the following I might wonder that a table and a view are considered different formats

Seems to me this is not allowed, but I have not seen any which actually states it is disallowed.


For a field to be defined as a foreign key, the referenced parent field must have an index defined on it.

As per documentation on foreign key constraints:

REFERENCES parent_tbl_name (index_col_name,…)

As VIEWs are virtual tables, all its fields are also virtual.
And defining of index is not supported on virtual fields.

As per documentation on Restrictions on Views:

It is not possible to create an index on a view.

And hence you can’t use a virtual table, i.e. view, as a referenced parent table (which does not support indexes) to define and map a foreign key to create a child table.

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