MySQL get MAX of a varchar like “500×400”

Is there any chance to get in MySQL the MAX of a column containing varchar like “500×400” or “800×600”. They are sizes of frames.

I would need the max of the multiplication of the 2 numbers. 500×400 => 200 000.

The my_frame_size table is like

  Id      frame_size
  1        500x400
  2        800x600
  3        400x300
  4        600x400
  5        1000x700


You can easily take take the max . . . but it is not what you want. Instead, calculate the area:

select t.*,
       substring_index(frame_size, 'x', 1) * substring_index(frame_size, 'x', -1) as area
from t;

You can order by the area or use max() on the calculation to get the maximum size.