Mysql save/load but there are no post and name fields

I am currently working with a form and strangely there are no name fields and also no $POST fields. I have no idea how it is saving and loading the values. I think the form does this with the below files.





PS: All fiddles are not working but just placeholders. Files where to big for SO.

I want to add an input field and save this to the database and retrieve it. How should I adapt the codes above and where. I am now trying to figure this out for 2 days but still no luck. So I hope the community can help.

Thanks in advance for helping.


Your JS is currently doing the post for you.

See this:

$.post("<?php echo site_url('quotes/ajax/save'); ?>", {
            quote_id: <?php echo $quote_id; ?>,
            quote_number: $('#quote_number').val(),
            quote_date_created: $('#quote_date_created').val(),
            quote_date_expires: $('#quote_date_expires').val(),
            quote_status_id: $('#quote_status_id').val(),
            items: JSON.stringify(items),
            custom: $('input[name^=custom]').serializeArray()

I haven’t gone through the entire code but I guess the POST values are being accessed like


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