Regex to match exact number in string without lookahead or lookbehind

Let’s say I’m looking for a specific number in string with newlines: 1n2n4n5n7n8n9n12n13

Lookahead and lookbehind works perfectly with something like:


See Regex 101 demo.

However, I need a workaround for the MySQL REGEXP, as it does not support patterns with lookarounds.


If (?<![0-9])12(?![0-9]) works for you in an online regex engine, the following regex must work for you in REGEXP pattern that is POSIX based:


Or, you may use word boundaries:


See the regex demo.


  • (^|[^0-9]) – start of string or a non-digit char
  • [[:<:]] – leading word boundary
  • 12 – a specific numeric value, 12 here
  • [[:>:]] – trailing word boundary
  • ($|[^0-9]) – end of string or a non-digit.

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