Simulating MySQL’s ORDER BY FIELD() in Postgresql

Just trying out PostgreSQL for the first time, coming from MySQL. In our Rails application we have a couple of locations with SQL like so:

SELECT * FROM `currency_codes` ORDER BY FIELD(code, 'GBP', 'EUR', 'BBD', 'AUD', 'CAD', 'USD') DESC, name ASC

It didn’t take long to discover that this is not supported/allowed in PostgreSQL.

Does anyone know how to simulate this behaviour in PostgreSQL or do we have to pull sorting out into the code?


Ah, gahooa was so close:

SELECT * FROM currency_codes
    WHEN code='USD' THEN 1
    WHEN code='CAD' THEN 2
    WHEN code='AUD' THEN 3
    WHEN code='BBD' THEN 4
    WHEN code='EUR' THEN 5
    WHEN code='GBP' THEN 6
    ELSE 7

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