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i’ve got a problem. I have a table with these columns:

languageID languageItem

Every row can have only “2” or “3” as languageID and languageItem is always different, but only with the same languageID. For example i can have:

2 | header.title
2 | header.description
3 | header.description
3 | header.title

The problem is that now the rows which have the languageID as “3” are less than rows which have the languageID as “2” and i need that for each languageID there must be the same languageItem(s). Like:

2 | header.title
2 | header.description
2 | header.button
3 | header.title
3 | header.description

Is missing header.button for “3”

I want select all rows which the languageID 2 have more and then “copy” them and insert with the languageID 3.


EDIT: The rows don’t have only these 2 columns, but also others.


You can do this by just inserting values that don’t exist. The query looks like:

insert into table(languageId, languageItem)
    select 3, languageitem
    from table t
    where languageid = 2 and
          not exists (select 1
                      from table t3
                      where t3.languageid = 3 and t3.languageitem = t.langaugeitem
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