what the relationship between com_insert, innodb_rows_insert, and handler_write?

I have a mysql instance, recently I found that there are something very strange.

when I show global status,

I found that the com_insert maybe x,

and innodb_rows_insert is 10 times of com_insert,

while handler_write is nearly 6 times of innodb_rows_insert.

it looks like this:

com_insert: xxx

innodb_rows_insert: 10 * xxx

handler_write: 6 * 10 * xxx

I’m a little confused about this.

Can anyone tell me what’s the relationship of these three.

All insert statement the logic send to mysql is nearly equal the value of com_insert xxx.


insert into tb1 select * from tb2

this statement only increase the innodb_rows_insert

and do not increase the com_insert

so it’s because of there are some sql like above in logic.