Where does ddev put mysql dump file?

I have setup a simple wordpress website with ddev.

I want to dump my mysql but I can’t seem to find it.

When I run the command ddev export-db I get this response:

// alot of this gibberish:
?.?-O#˛????6?.?’X?ϓQ?%???rFz?yĮ&?Xr??????$?~r=~3x??}?~??5?????3???>? ?.{0(

// and at the end this message:
Wrote database dump from myproject database 'db' to stdout in gzip format.

Problem is I can’t seem to find the zip file anywhere, where should it be?


to stdout is the main point: it’s not put anywhere in the file system, but printed to the console. The documentation provides hints about how to use that command properly:

ddev export-db --file=/tmp/db.sql.gz
ddev export-db --gzip=false --file=/tmp/db.sql
ddev export-db >/tmp/db.sql.gz