Fillin two dimensional array in for loop

I want to fill a two dimensional array within a for loop. However, that does not work. I have no clue why…

int main () {

int a = 32;
int x = 100;
int y = 1;
int z = 2;
int i, j;

int ar[32][2] = {{1,x},{}};
// works until here!

// gives me that
1   100
0   0
0   0
0   0

// I need the array filled
1              100
somenumber     somenumber
somenumber     somenumber
somenumber     somenumber

for (i = 1; i <= a; i++) {
    x = (x + y) * z;
    ar[i][i] = {{i + 1, x},{}};

return 0;

test.c: In function ‘main’: test.c:27:14: error: expected expression before ‘{’ token ar[i][i] = {{i + 1, x},{}};

Why isn’t it filling the array?!


Whoever explained to you that using [x][y] meant just to create a new array is kind of not accurate. Or you didn’t understand right. You create an array and specify its size this way ElementType ArrayName[RowSize][ColumnSize]; point.

Now we created our 2D matrix. To access every element in it, we use [][] this notation, along with the desired “coordinates” of the element we want, the x and the y:

ArrayName[1][1] = 1; this will assign the value 1 to the element in the second column on the second row. Notice that your system will crash if you provide “out of range” x or y, which were provided when you created the array as RowSize and ColumnSize.

Check out your case fix:

for(int x = 0; x < YourArray.size(); x++)
    for(int y = 0; y < YourArray[i].size(); y++)
         YourArray[x][y] = 1; // this will assign 1 to "all" and "every" element.
         // so if you need to fill you array with something, 
         // here is the place where you are iterating every element in your 2d matrix.
         // using two for loops, outer is for the rows and inner is for the columns

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