Can “indignantly” be used in a situation where the person it’s applied to is looking down on someone?

Given the following sentence, is “indignantly” used correctly:

“I can’t believe a filthy beggar like you would dare to even speak to us!” the lead girl in the trio indignantly shouted at him.

The definition of the word “indignant” states that it is “showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.”

In this case, the person is definitely angry, but she is clearly looking down on the beggar. She also clearly thinks it’s inappropriate that he’s spoken to her, but it’s not really “unfair” treatment. Is “indignant” properly used in this case?


But yes she CAN feel indignant. In fact it is probably the right word choice, if you are trying to convey an extreme sense of entitlement.

She was so outraged by the breach of social protocol of being addressed by a member of the lower classes that she was indignant.

That said.. you can tighten the dialogue up a bit.

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