Had come to know? Is that correct grammar/English?

I am in the process of writing a speech about my experiences of being homeless, and I have run into a situation in which my advisor’s opinion of the proper grammar/phrasing of a sentence and my own disagree. Here is the sentence as I have it written:

**During my period of homelessness, I had come to know a great community drop-in center and food shelf, […] **
(name of organization removed)

He would like for me to say “During my period of homelessness, I got to know a great community drop-in center and food shelf,” […]

To me, “got to know” sounds very “urban dictionary” and unrefined. I realize it is technically proper English, but I’d like a more dignified way of saying it. Is my way technically incorrect? I have no problem with using archaic language in conversation, but I want to make sure it is correct grammar before I insist it be my way. I am torn as to if it needs to be “I came to know” to be properly past tense, or if I can use “had come to know” in this case. “Had come to know” sounds much more formal to me, and I am hoping it is correct.


“I came to know” is correct, as is “I got to know.”

The past perfect tense would be superfluous here. Too much of a good thing.

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